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Magic in your fingertips

You’ve skinned your computer monitors, internet browsers and even your mobile devices to match your identity. Now, it’s time to skin your palms. Introducing SwypeGloves, the innovative new palm skins, infused with conductive fibers that allow you to operate your touch sensitive screens and devices with ten finger flawless precision while keeping you toasty warm! SwypeGloves are compatible with all common touchscreen devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads, HTC Droid and more. Its really magic in your fingertips!!!

SwypeGloves are interlaced with pure softness that is second only to a mother’s touch. Their unique herringbone weave is designed to provide breathable comfort while special stretch yarn and ribbed cuffs provide you with a lasting snug fit, just like a second skin. What's more, the generous cuff can even be flipped over for a contrasting different look.

Our regular SwypeGloves are woven with premium luxurious Australian wool fiber. SwypeGloves Sport are made of a lighter acrylic fiber designed to be breathable for outdoor activity. Also, use them indoors if you just want to avoid smudges on your iPad and other tablets. 


Available in colors of the world:

Streets of New York

Grand Canyon 

Amazon Rainforest 

Adrenaline Sport

Cliffs of Dover


Great Barrier Reef

Fog of London

Hawaiian Volcano

Pink Sands of Bermuda



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